Does skincare have to be so confusing? Do spas have to feel so intimidating? How many products will you have to buy before something actually works? How many facials will you endure that don’t make a difference? What does your skin really need?

Looking for a brow place that wont make your brow too thin/dark/shapeless? Want to know how to look woke-up-like-this polished? Want to look like you but feel more confident in your skin?

Yeah, me too. So, I became the esthetician I wish had. Last year I opened the skincare studio that I wish existed: transparency pricing, no B.S. treatments, tried-and-true skincare lines and professionals that I can trust. I built on the idea of informed consent, education, personal relationships and meticulous esthetics practices to make you feel empowered to look and feel the way you want to.

Here at Sapien, we care more about peer-reviewed science and best practices, and less on staying “on trend” with buzz words designed to make you buy things you don’t need to solve problems you don’t have. I think I may just have something here; come test my theory and let’s see if we can make beauty better together.


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